Cash Counter

Image of a penny.
Image of a nickel.
Image of a dime.
Image of a quarter.
Image of a half-dollar.
Image of a dollar coin.
Image of a dollar bill.
Image of a two dollar bill.
Image of a five dollar bill.
Image of a ten dollar bill.
Image of a twenty dollar bill.
Image of a fifty dollar bill.
Image of a hundred dollar bill.

Cash Counter is a calculator for counting cash. Count cash by entering the number of each denomination that you have. This program supports only United States coins and bills. Standard coin rolls and bill straps are also supported.

  • Coins
    • 1¢ Pennies
    • 5¢ Nickels
    • 10¢ Dimes
    • 25¢ Quarters
    • 50¢ Half Dollars
    • $1 Coins
  • Bills
    • $1 Bills
    • $2 Bills
    • $5 Bills
    • $10 Bills
    • $20 Bills
    • $50 Bills
    • $100 Bills
  • Coins Wrappers
    • 50¢ Penny Wrappers
    • $2 Nickel Wrappers
    • $5 Dime Wrappers
    • $10 Quarter Wrappers
    • $10 Half Dollar Wrappers
    • $25 Dollar Coin Wrappers
  • Bill Straps
    • $100 One Dollar Straps
    • $200 Two Dollar Straps
    • $500 Five Dollar Straps
    • $1000 Ten Dollar Straps
    • $2000 Twenty Dollar Straps
    • $5000 Fifty Dollar Straps
    • $10000 One-Hundred Dollar Straps

Sorting each denomination is recommemded before proceeding.

Scroll to a denomination that needs to be counted and tap (or click) its input box. Enter the number of coins, bills, coin rolls or bill straps. (A numerical keypad will appear on mobile devices). Continue to enter data for other denominations. Negative numbers and non-numeric input will be treated as zero.

Edit entries by tapping (or clicking) the denomination's input box. The current entry will be deleted so that a new entry can be made.

The Reset button clears all entries and sets the program back to its initial state.

Press Calculate to see the result. The total sum and the value for each denomination entered will be displayed on the screen.

The Help button displays this manual. An OK button will appear on the screen to exit this manual.

The Print button prepares a hard copy of the calculation for printing.

Coins/ Bills Wrappers/ Straps Value
Dollar Coins
Dollar Bills
Two Dollar Bills
Five Dollar Bills
Ten Dollar Bills
Twenty Dollar Bills
Fifty Dollar Bills
One Hundred Dollar Bills